CELTARY & NANOTEMPER-Discovery partnership to enhance performance in GPCR characterization

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10 July 2023
Celtarys extends its chemical conjugation technology to the development of new fluorescent ligands for E3 Ubiquitin ligases
19 July 2023

Celtarys expands its presence in the GPCR field, developing new applications in collaboration agreement with Nanotemper, a company devoted to the development of innovative instruments for biophysical characterization in early-phase drug discovery.

Thanks to the collaboration between Celtarys and Nanotemper, in this New Application note, we have successfully measured the affinity of the Adenosine 2A receptor in a competitive binding assay. By combining the Monolith X (Nanotemper) and the fluorescent ligand CELT-300 (Celtarys) in the cell membrane extract, we determined the binding affinity of the A2A receptor.