New article showcasing Celtarys  fluorescent ligand for Dopamine D3 Receptor in Fluorescence based HTS

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7 March 2023
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7 July 2023

Celtarys Research collaborates with several research groups in Europe for the validation of our products in different assays commonly used in drug discovery, always with the aim of showing our customers and collaborators the high versatility of our products for different applications. 

In the frame of these collaborations, we have published a joint article with Professor Ago Rinken group, from the University of Tartu, Estonia. Dr. Rinken and colleagues have used our fluorescent ligand for the Dopamine D3 receptor, CELT-419, to develop receptor-ligand binding assays using fluorescence polarization and quantitative live cell epifluorescence microscopy. Notably, they have successfully tuned the fluorescence polarization assay in 384-well plates achieving Z’ value of 0.71, which is suitable for high-throughput screening of ligand binding. The paper also shows how our fluorescent probe CELT-419 can be used to determine the kinetics of Dopamine D3 receptor binding compounds or to analyze cellular distribution in live cells.  

In summary, the article shows CELT-419 as a high-affinity ligand with good kinetic properties suitable both for fundamental D3 receptor-ligand binding studies and for drug screening purposes. See full article here: