Custom development

Our proprietary conjugation technology enables the development of customized fluorescent probes in a time and cost-effective manner.

Our scientific team studies the specific needs of each project to offer the best solution for your organization. In order to optimize fluorescent probes, in Celtarys we have developed a new rational, convergent and efficient synthetic strategy. We manage all the phases of the process, from the design of the new fluorescent probes to their validation as optimal tools for your assays.

Our Development Process


Our client need

Scientist with an idea but without expertise on how to carry it out.

Meeting with Celtarys Scientific Team

Discussion the specific needs of your project and the best approach for your goals.

1st Checkpoint

Identification of the best pharmacophore

2nd Checkpoint

Identification of the best linker

3rd Checkpoint

Identification of the optimal fluorescent ligand

Validation in the desired fluorescent assay


New fluorescent ligand ready for your assays

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