Celtarys is a newly created company focused on the development of innovative chemical tools that improve the efficiency of the High Throughput Screening (HTS) process in early drug discovery:


Our proprietary technology allows the synthesis of fluorescent ligands with excellent performance features in terms of affinity, potency and selectivity that can be used in a variety of biological assays, from competitive binding assays to microscopy or kinetic studies.


Our patented proprietary technology is based on the scientific work of the research group of Prof. Eddy Sotelo, which combines a long-tracked expertise in medicinal chemistry & chemical biology with a deep knowledge of GPCR structure.

We count also with the expertise in pharmacology and HTS of the group of Prof. Mabel Loza, a worldwide leader in early drug discovery collaborative projects with pharma companies.

Celtarys has a multidisciplinary and balanced team with different profiles that provide expert knowledge in each area necessary to develop and market novel products, designed from the real unmet needs in the complex early drug discovery scenario.


Eddy SoteloCo-founder and Scientific Leader
Jhonny Azuaje Co-founder
Maria Majellaro Co-founder and CSO
Pepo Brea Co-founder
Mabel Loza Co-founder
Jose Manuel Santamaría Co-founder
Javier Sardina Co-founder


Maria Majellaro Co-founder and CSO
Alessandro ScandurraBusiness Development
Manuela BerlangaBusiness Development
Rodrigo Bernárdez Principal ScientistChemistry Department
Paolo Destito Principal ScientistChemistry Department
Sandra Ortigueira Research Assistant Chemistry Department
Lucía González PhD student Chemistry Department
Tamara Camino Research Scientist Biology Department
Adrián Robles Principal Scientist Chemistry Department

Board of Directors

Eddy SoteloCo-founder and Scientific Leader
Maria Majellaro Co-founder and CSO
Javier Sardina Co-founder
Jose Manuel Santamaría Co-founder
Santi Dominguez Non Executive Director

Scientific Advisory Board

Julio CastroCEO & Founder Palobiofarma
María Jesús BlancoVice President and Head of Chemical Sciences at Atavistik Bio
Marc Vendrell Full Professor of Translational Chemistry and Biomedical Imaging at The University of Edinburgh

Work with us

We currently do not have any open positions, but we are always eager to meet new people who can contribute to Celtrays' success. If you are interested send us your application.


Our Collaborators

Celtarys Research collaborates with several academic research groups and companies expert in drug discovery research.

  • Professor Ago Rinken
    The GPCR Workgroup
    Institute of Chemistry in the University of Tartu
  • Dr. Miguel Abal
    Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela
  • Molecular Neuropharmacology
    Dr. Gemma Brugal
    Molecular Neuropharmacology
    University of Barcelona
  • Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacautical Sciences
    Dr. Marialessandra Contino
    Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacautical Sciences
    University of Bari Aldo Moro

Celtarys is part of the world’s largest AI-powered marketplace for medical research.



Celtarys Research has been selected and funded under the Proof-of-Concept Ignicia Program of the Galician Agency for Innovation, GAIN