We develop and commercialize new chemical tools to spread the use of fluorescence-based methods in drug discovery


Develop innovative fluorescent chemical tools to foster drug discovery


Become a reference company in chemical biology helping pharma and biotech companies to increase their competitiveness accelerating their projects.



Our proprietary technology enables the development of “tailor-suited” fluorescent ligands for each druggable target


Our GPCR fluorescent ligands have been designed to fill current gaps in the available tools ready to use in HTS.

Our ligands are potent (< 100 nM) and selective
(> 500 times).

Their fluorophores are stable, guarantee their affinity and display a variety of photo-physical properties that meet the market demand for several applications from competitive binding assays to microscopy.


Our Collaborators

Celtarys Research collaborates with several academic research groups and companies expert in drug discovery research.