CELT- 426 hD2 Dopamine receptor fluorescent antagonist (560/571)
15 July 2021
CELT-429 hD3 Dopamine receptor fluorescent ligand (589/616)
15 July 2021

CELT- 419 hD3 Dopamine receptor fluorescent ligand (560/571)

Our CELT-419 product is available in a 10ug vial that allows you to prepare 74ml of 100nM working solution to test D3R.

It has been specifically designed to target the D3 dopamine receptor, making it an ideal tool for researchers performing cell visualization in fluorescence microscopy


Our potent and partially selective hD3 Dopamine receptor fluorescent ligand shows high affinity for hD3 receptor and partial selectivity over the other receptor subtypes (Ki =65.6 nM for hD3 receptor in radioligand binding assay). It has been validated in Fluorescence Polarization binding assays as a valid alternative to radioligand binding assays.It allows to perform cell visualization in fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy and high content system experiments. It is potentially suitable for other fluorescence-based assays.

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