CELT-360 hA1 Adenosine receptor fluorescent antagonist (646/662)
24 December 2020
CELT-298 Pan Adenosine receptors fluorescent antagonist (646/662)
24 December 2020

CELT-372 hA1/hA2b Adenosine receptors fluorescent antagonist (589/616)

10ug vial that allows to prepare 86ml of 100nM working solution to test A1R/A2R.

Working concentration might differ among assay designs


Our potent hA1/A2B Adenosine receptor fluorescent antagonist shows affinity for hA1and hA2B Adenosine receptors (Ki =1.89 nMand 24.65 nM respectively in radioligand binding assays), intermediate affinity for A2A (Ki=80.33 nM) and very low affinity for A3 Adenosine receptor (Ki =967.48 nM). It allows to perform cell visualization in fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy and high content system experiments. It is potentially suitable for other fluorescence-based assays.