CELT-300 hA2A Adenosine receptor fluorescent ligand (646/662)
24 December 2020
CELT-372 hA1/hA2b Adenosine receptors fluorescent antagonist (589/616)
24 December 2020

CELT-360 hA1 Adenosine receptor fluorescent antagonist (646/662)

10ug vial that allows to prepare 78ml of 100nM working solution to test A1R.

Working concentration might differ among assay designs


Our potent and partially selective hA1 Adenosine receptor fluorescent antagonist shows higher affinity for hA1 (Ki =8.60 nM) compared to hA2A, hA2B and hA3 Adenosine receptors (Ki= 98.38 nM, 72.24 and 231.01 nM respectively in radioligand binding assays). It allows to perform cell visualization in fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy and high content system experiments. It is potentially suitable for other fluorescence-based assays.