Discover Our New Fluorescent Ligands For Adrenergic Receptor

Celtarys Research, sponsor of the XIV Meeting of the Spanish Drug Discovery Network
9 November 2022

Our portfolio of #GPCR#fluorescent ligands is growing
We have just added to our catalogue two more fluorescent ligands for the α1-Adrenergic receptor, CELT-130 and CELT-133.

α1-Adrenergic receptors play a vital role in the regulation of the sympathetic nervous system along with β and α2-AR family members. While all of the adrenergic receptors bind with similar affinity to the catecholamines, they can regulate different physiologies and pathophysiologies in the body because they couple to different G-proteins and signal transduction pathways.

α1-Adrenergic receptors have long been known to regulate blood pressure, smooth muscle contraction and cardiac hypertrophy. α1-AR subtypes display differences in internalization, resulting in spatio-temporal changes in signalling. Some of these processes have not still yet been characterized mainly for the lack of a trustable regents source.

Our new fluorescent α1-Adrenergic receptor ligands show high affinity for α1A adrenergic receptor and selectivity over α2A.

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