Discover Our New Fluorescent Ligands For C5a Receptor

Celtarys Research has signed a strategic research cooperation agreement with the European platform EU-OPENSCREEN
19 December 2022
New article showcasing Celtarys  fluorescent ligand for Dopamine D3 Receptor in Fluorescence based HTS
27 March 2023

Our portfolio of #GPCR#fluorescent ligands is growing
We have just added to our catalogue more fluorescent ligands for the C5a receptor, CELT-58 and CELT-68.

The C5a anaphylatoxin chemotactic receptor 1 (C5aR, also known as CD88) belongs to the rhodopsin family of GPCRs and has been a topic of interest in the last decades due to its relevance in several inflammatory pathologies, such as asthma, arthritis, sepsis, and more recently Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. 

In the following case study developed in collaboration with  Twist Bioscience, we applied Celtarys technology to the development of two new fluorescent ligands for C5AR, opening the way to the use of fluorescence-based assays to study this promising target.

Discover step by step how we have generated these new custom fluorescent C5a receptor ligands with Twist Bioscience.

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