CELT-228 hA3 Adenosine receptor fluorescent antagonist (560/671)
15 July 2021
LUXendin645 GLP1 receptor (GLP1R) fluorescent antagonist (645/664) (CELT-112)
27 September 2021

LUXendin551 GLP1 receptor (GLP1R) fluorescent antagonist (551/576) (CELT-111)

Our GLP1R fluorescent antagonist shows high affinity for GLP1 receptor (pIC50 = 7.2 for GLP1R) modulating the receptor by orthosteric antagonism.The efficacy and potency of LUXendin551 (CELT-111) as a GLP1R ligand was confirmed by inhibition of GLP-1-stimulated cAMP levels in SNAP-GLP1R:HEK293 cells. LUXendin551 (CELT-111) has been used in a variety of imaging applications, including widefield/confocal/2-photon microscopy in live and fixed mammalian cells and tissue, as well as anaesthetized mice.

*2º Image: Widefield image of live CHO-K1:SNAP-GLP1R cells labeled with 200 nM LUXendin551. Scale bar = 40 micrometer.

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