Drug discovery

11 September 2023

Celtarys and G.CLIPS join forces to revolutionize transmembrane proteins characterization in drug discovery. 

A major bottleneck in drug discovery, particularly when targeting transmembrane proteins such as G-coupled receptor proteins (GPCRs), is the challenge of replicating in vitro the precise microenvironment conditions […]
7 July 2023

Discover Our New Fluorescent Ligands For AT1

Our portfolio of #GPCR#fluorescent ligands is growing.We have just added to our catalogue more fluorescent ligands for the AT1 receptor, CELT-145 and CELT-252. The Angiotensin AT1 receptor belongs to the […]
7 March 2023

Game Changer in Target-Based Drug Discovery  

A different way to monitor GPCR binding, target engagement and internalization with a new fluorescent-conjugate toolbox.     The past decade has witnessed fluorescently tagged drug molecules gaining […]