CELT-150 VHL E3 ligase fluorescent ligand (646/662)
13 July 2023
CELT-501 – Oxytocin receptor fluorogenic agonist (597/657)
4 March 2024

CELT-483 Sigma hσ1/σ2 receptor fluorescent ligand (646/662)

10ug vial that allows to prepare 103 ml of 100nM working solution to test σ1/σ2 Receptors.

Working concentration might differ among assay designs


Our potent Sigma h σ12 receptor fluorescent ligand is available in a 10ug vial, allowing you to prepare 103 ml of 100nM working solution to test σ12 receptors. Our CELT-483 product has been specifically designed to meet the needs of researchers in a variety of fields, enabling the study of σ1 and σ2 receptors with accuracy and precision. It has been validated in flow cytometry (Kd=13,59 nM for σ2) and confocal microcopy in MCF7 cell lines (see publication for more details) to study both σ1 and σreceptors, using the appropriate masking agent.

CELT-483 with masking agents kit

We also provide kits of CELT-483 together with potent and selective σ1 and σ2 receptors masking agents (L6 and F390, respectively).