CELT-130 hα1 adrenergic receptor fluorescent antagonist (646/662)
4 October 2022
CELT- 480 hA3 Adenosine receptor fluorescent antagonist (646/662)
27 January 2023

CELT-133 hα1 adrenergic receptor fluorescent antagonist (560/571)

This product is available in a 10ug vial that allows you to prepare 83ml of 100nM working solution to test alpha1AR.

The working concentration might differ among assay designs
Our CELT-133 ligand has been specifically designed for high potency and selectivity. It has a high affinity for α1 receptors and may be suitable for fluorescence-based assays.


Our potent and selective hα1A  adrenergic receptor fluorescent antagonist shows high affinity for alpha 1 adrenergic receptor (Ki =5 nM measured in radioligand binding assay) and selectivity over  α2A (15% of displacement at 1 μM in radioligand binding assay). It is potentially suitable for fluorescence-based assays such as confocal microscopy, high content screening or fluorescence polarization.